On the Job with Kia White—BBA LRS Intern


After three months on the job, BBA Lawyer Referral Service (LRS) intern Kia White sat down with Beyond the Billable to share her experience thus far. Kia spends her days answering the dozens of calls LRS receives each day and helping the LRS intake coordinator with data entry, mailings, and other administrative duties that help run the service. She will be with us until the end of December before returning to Northeastern University where she studies Criminal Justice and business.

Here is what she had to say during her interview:

What has been the highlight of your first three months?

The highlight of my first three months was at the beginning of my internship when I attended the practice area trainings. This was a great opportunity for me because I gained so much knowledge in many different areas of law. This was helpful in my job here at the BBA as well as in my own personal life. Each of the attorneys that came to speak with us was very knowledgeable of their field of law.

What do you find most challenging about your internship?

Handling the LRS phone calls has taught me the importance of having patience and a sense of understanding of other peoples’ perspectives. We receive a large amount of calls a day, and everyone is different and has different situations. Some people speak other languages and it is important to be patient and try to understand them because they do need our help. I have also experienced callers who are under great amounts of stress and may come off a little hostile. By having a sense of understanding, it makes the call a lot easier. You have to understand that the caller may be dealing with a lot, and the goal is to give the caller the referral so that you can help them.

How has this co-op shaped your view of the legal field?

By listening to callers from the LRS, I have learned that sometimes it is extremely difficult to navigate through the legal system. Some people would be much better off in their legal situations if they had lawyers to guide them through and explain their rights to them. The BBA LRS provides a beneficial service to the community. We are able to aid clients in finding legal assistance that they may not be able to obtain on their own. A good number of callers are new to the legal system, and don’t know what to do. They may not know what type of case they have, what type of lawyer they need, and many other factors. Our service makes it so that we can guide them through the process of figuring out what type of lawyer they need and then connect them to some potential lawyers for their cases. It is very reassuring to know that there is a service in the community to get people started on the right track when dealing with a legal situation.

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The Boston Bar Association, which also goes by the acronym BBA, is a volunteer non-governmental organization in Boston, Massachusetts.

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