Thank you to our Law Day in the Schools Volunteers!!

Students from Ms. Gee’s 2nd grade class at Josiah Quincy Elementary School talking with attorneys Carrie Benedon and Suleyken Walker from the Office of the Massachusetts Attorney General about elections and why every vote counts.

As many of you readers know, the BBA just finished up its Law Day in the Schools Program, and this year, thanks to the continuing strength of the program and the work put in by our volunteers, Law Day in the Schools reached more students than ever! This year, 87 volunteers brought the program to 50 classrooms in 9 different Boston Public Schools to teach over 1,300 students of all ages about “Why Every Vote Matters.”

Beyond the Billable would like to acknowledge the attorneys, legal staff, and law students who volunteered their time to be a part of Law Day! Without their time and effort this program would not be possible. Thank you to:

Daryl Abbas
Susan Alexander
Julia Amrhein
Kerri Ansello
Leonard Audaer
Heather Baer
Jared Barnes
Carrie Benedon
Daniel Biagiotti
Jane Biondi
Martha Born
Heidi Brewster
Stephen Cohen
Kyle Crossley
Meghan Davoren
Kathryn Day
Joan Densberger
Smita Deshmukh
Andrew Doherty
Elizabeth Duffy
Daniel Dufresne
Noah Ehrenpreis
Ely Exner
Julie Franklin
Richard Freije
Maya French
Galen Gilbert
Sugandha Gopal
Michelle Greco
Brenda Hansen
Julie Heinzelman
Kathleen Henry
Rachel Hershfang
Emily Hodge
Sheryl Howard
Kate Isley
April Itano
Richard Johnston
Elizabeth Johnston
Catherine Jones
Anne Kaczmarek
Sharon Kamowitz
Dara Kesselheim

Ellen King
Nita Kumaraswami
David Lieberman
Jessica Lieberman
David London
Stephanie Macholtz
Jenevieve Maerker
John McBrine
Bryana McGillycuddy
Rochelle Meddoff
Lisa Menelly
Mark Molter
Jason Morris
Sean Nehill
Igor Novikov
Elianna Nuzum
Michael Parran
Jessica Pettit
Rory Pheiffer
Krista Pratt
Karen Rabinovici
Nicholas Ramacher
Susanne Reardon
Parker Reynolds
Andrea Richmond
Catherine Robinson
Laura Rosi
Allison Roso
Nency Salamoun
Michael Satterwhite
Sarah Schendel
Gregory Shiferman
Jacob Simon
Gary Smith
Mary Snyder
Michael Steffany
Alex Sugerman-Brozan
Anne Thomas
Suleyken Walker
Natasha Walwyn
Alice Wang
Gregory Whittaker
Scott Zanolli
Kiersten Zaza


For more information about Law Day in the Schools, please contact Katie D’Angelo, Public Service Programs Coordinator, at

About BostonBar

The Boston Bar Association, which also goes by the acronym BBA, is a volunteer non-governmental organization in Boston, Massachusetts.

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