Straight from the Students Part 2: Why Do You Want to Participate in the BBA Summer Jobs Program?


BBA Summer Jobs students look forward to the exploring the legal field and gaining professional experience each summer.

BBA Summer Jobs students look forward to the exploring the legal field and gaining professional experience each summer.

Last week, Beyond the Billable shared some amazing responses from three of our future Summer Jobs students on why they wanted to participate in the program. Those weren’t the only student we heard from, but the responses we so good that one Beyond the Billable post couldn’t contain them. In part 2 of “Straight from the Students,” we’re sharing three more responses from this year’s students.

Take a look below:

“I am considering a career in the legal profession because I know that as a Lawyer, I would be able to confront many unjust actions and help maintain a balance in society. I am an immigrant from a country called Bangladesh. From my experiences in Bangladesh, I remember all the wrongs in society I have witnessed…In Bangladesh, I used to think such chaos was normal, but being in the USA, I have changed that perspective, and I want to help others to recognize it too. The laws and rules keep a balance in society which inspires me to consider a profession in the field of law.”– Romana Hussain, rising junior, Boston Latin Academy

“I think my experience so far in life has really shown me how important a legal professional can be in someone’s life. I was not born in the United States. I was born in a Sudanese refugee camp. But, my family is from another country in Africa called Eritrea. My family left Eritrea because of the violence and political problems. Sudan is also a place that has a lot of issues and instability. In both of these places I have seen a lot of hate and violence against people because they have different ethnicities, religions, and races…And, this all has happened because there was no law to protect the people from such injustice. One day, I want to work with the law to be able to help people from my country and communities have peace, justice, and a better life.”— Hermuna Taib, rising senior, East Boston High School  

“This Summer Job opportunity would provide me not only with the chance to experience what working in a legal office may be like, but also with the chance of discovering what truly interests me and to discover the means of getting myself here. It will also give me insight on what I would like to focus on: do I want to be a lawyer for a transactional firm or a civil litigation firm?”— Margaret Peña, rising senior, Boston Latin School

Stay tuned for more on the 64 Boston public high school students participating in the program this year.

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