New Lawyers Learn Ins and Outs of Legal Service Careers


Law students and new attorneys learned about legal service careers at last week's Career Series Lunch.

Law students and new attorneys learned about legal service careers at last week’s Career Series Lunch.

Last Thursday, new lawyers and law students gathered at 16 Beacon to get the inside scoop on what it’s really like to work in legal services as part of the BBA’s Summer Career Series. Attendees gained insight from attorneys of diverse backgrounds with years of legal services experience, asked questions about the profession, and learned tips on how to pursue a career in legal services. Panelists also recommended pursuing volunteer and pro bono opportunities at various organizations as a means of identifying areas of law they are interested in pursuing professionally.

The all-star lineup of panelists includes:

  • Yugo Nakai and D’Andre Fernandez, both attorneys from the Volunteer Lawyers Project of the Boston Bar Association, shared stories about the types of cases they handle and offered tips on how to deal with these clients, whose circumstances offer a unique and often challenging experience.
  • Katharine Milton, an attorney at Casa Myrna Vazquez, emphasized that because legal service organizations do not have extensive support staff or large budgets, working in legal services calls for patience and resourcefulness.
  • Sherley Rodriquez, an attorney working at a fellowship program through Suffolk University Law School, further emphasized the importance of making positive connections with other attorneys in legal services who will remember you further down the line when more opportunities and positions open up.

After the luncheon, Beyond the Billable checked in with BC Law student Caryn Sigurdson about the panelist discussion and her interest in legal services. Here’s what she had to say:

“The Legal Services panel for the Summer Career Series was informative and helpful. I have always considered working in legal services, but didn’t really have an idea of what that meant. Now I’m convinced that it is something I want to do at some point in my career. I find it frustrating that everything in law school and at networking events focuses on firms, and everyone assumes that working at a large firm is your life’s goal, so it is nice to have an opportunity to meet with other public interest-minded people whose passions are to help those in need.”

Interested in attending a Career Series lunch? Check out the final lunch called “What’s it REALLY Like Being a Real Estate Attorney?” tomorrow at 12:30 pm. Stay tuned for more career series programs in the fall!

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