What is Leadership? PILP 11 Gets Breakdown from Seasoned Pro

Glenn Mangurian spoke with PILP 11 about the key components of leadership.

Glenn Mangurian spoke with PILP 11 about the key components of leadership.

Glenn Mangurian, Chairman of the Court Management Advisory Board (CMAB), recently visited with PILP 11 to discuss what he’s identified as the three main prongs of leadership: collaboration, finding your purpose, and self-awareness. When it comes to leadership, Glenn is a guy who knows what he’s talking about. He is a respected business leader with a 35-year track record in industry and management consulting.  He has worked with Global 500 business executives in North America and Europe on managing large scale change and performance improvement. In addition to his current role as Chairman of the Court Management Advisory Board, he continues to be active in consulting, speaking and coaching to business leaders. Mangurian also teaches leadership at the University of Massachusetts.

After having the opportunity to meet Glenn, Beyond the Billable checked in with the PILPers to hear about their experiences:Kumaraswami, Nita

“Listening to Glenn Mangurian talk is like a Rorschach test.  Each of us had such varied reactions.  It seems this is not at all unintentional.  One of his primary modules, after all, is self-awareness.  Becoming aware that my own responses differed from legitimate responses of my respected peers helped me to learn about them and myself, and ultimately will allow us to work together as a more productive team.”

Nita Kumaraswami, Sullivan & Worcester LLP

Schnedel, Sarah

“I enjoyed the discussions about what leadership traits we admire in others – it caused me to reflect on groups I have been in that have failed or succeed, and encouraged me to think about my own strengths and weaknesses as a leader. Additionally, Glenn’s lesson that purpose isn’t something that’s always easy to attain, but rather is the result of honest searching and the observation of others, was a great reminder.”

Sarah Schendel, Masferrer & Associates


To learn more about the Glenn, check out the BBA’s interview with him in our “Tipping the Scales” blog.

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