BBF Students Share Summer Experience, Part Two

The fourteen BBF funded Summer Jobs students have spent their summers working at legal service and government agencies.

The fourteen BBF funded Summer Jobs students have spent their summers working at legal service and government agencies.

As you learned from this article last week, the BBF funded Summer Jobs students have gained essential skills and also served as valuable assets to their organizations this summer. While the students wrap up their summer jobs tomorrow, we wanted to bring you another look at what three additional BBF funded students have been up to this summer.

Sara VuongStudent: Sarah Vuong
Employer: Massachusetts IOLTA Committee

Job Responsibilities:
Sarah has been working on a number of projects with the Massachusetts IOLTA Committee, including updating the organization’s manuals and handling incoming calls from the public. Her largest project has been to assemble a historical legal services timeline by scanning press articles and documenting all media coverage of the organization from 2000 to 2006.

Sarah says: “I’ve gained an abundant amount of skills in my internship.  One that is the most important was updating information for attorneys, community representatives, and a lot other individuals using the website salesforce.”

Marely Goncalves

Student: Marley Goncalves
: Executive Office of Health & Human Services

Job Responsibilities
: At the Executive Office of Health & Human Services Marley has handled key responsibilities including archiving tort litigation files, researching cases, preparing files for court, and handling the front desk. She has also been working on a project dealing with ‘ancient’ files in order to move forward old cases.

Marley says: “Overall I like working here because I am learning about issues that I never even thought about before. Every Friday we have someone who comes to talk about their experiences, what they do, and how they came to their profession. One Friday, our guest speaker was Angela McConney Scheepers, an Administrative Magistrate for the Division of Administrative Law Appeals  and former General Counsel for the Massachusetts Civil Service Commission.   She talked about the challenges of her position, yet she was also inspiring.”

Noime AlvesStudent: Noime Alves
Employer: Legal Advocacy and Resource Center (LARC)

Job Responsibilities:  At LARC, Noime works with the intake team where she handles tasks such as inputting information into the organization’s database, preparing documents and forms, and making calls to senior citizen clients. Noime has also provided invaluable benefits to the intake team as a result of her impressive multi-lingual abilities, by translating English to Cape Verdean Creole, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Noime says: “My favorite part of my work is translating English to Portuguese, English to Spanish, and English to Cape Verdean Creole. This summer, I also enjoyed the finance enrichment seminar we took that discussed financial aid and how to use your credit card”.


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